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Hello, I'm Henri!
I'm a programmer with knowledge in hardware and software. It doesn't matter if it's modern or legacy.
I have experience of working in safety critical civilian/military aircraft environment. I have worked with multiple programming languages including C, C++, C#, Python and Java. While having keen understanding of the target environment. Target environments included field use Windows and Linux computers while backends have been done with embedded VxWorks or Linux/Solaris servers.

Programming projects
Project: HEARTBEAT2021
Heartbeat is a minimal hear rate monitor app for Android Wear platform. Designed to be used without touchscreen and to be minimal. My main goal was to make it easy to read while swimming or while being in sauna. This is why using touchscreen was not an option. I use this with my Suunto 7. Also goal was to demonstrate that I can also make Android Wear applications without any prior knowledge of Wear platform or programming for Android.
Project: Configuration managment software2020
I improved reliability and user experience of a program made with C++ and QT. Due to this software being used in safety critical environment the challanges included assessing all changes for creating any potential risks to aircraft safety. My job was to switch system communication method from serial to network based.

Contact information

You can contact me via LinkedIn. You can find the link in the top right corner.

Alternative contact can be made via email: